UroGen presented its Interstitial Cystitis safety and feasibility pilot study results during ICS 2014, Brazil

Dr Koby Stav from the Neurourology Division, Department of Urology, Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, presented the results of the study named “Safety and feasibility of intravesical instillation of botulinum toxin A in a novel hydrogel-based slow release delivery system in PBS/IC patients: A pilot study”.

Conclusions of this study showed that intravesical instillation of TCGel+BTX was:

  1. Well tolerated
  2. Appears generally safe
  3. Associated with apparent sustained reduction of PBS/IC symptoms for 3 months

Thought not placebo controlled, the results are encouraging and provide the basis for further exploration of the safety and efficacy of TCGel+BTX in a randomized placebo controlled trial.  

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